Democratic Party Benton County, Missouri

Know your voter rights. 

Vote for AMENDMENT 1 on the November ballot in the General Election. This is a bi-partison initiative to help clean up Missouri voting and legislative laws. Please visit this website to learn more about this very important amendment.

​​Chase Crawford –  Candidate for State Representative 125 District

A New Generation of Leadership  “I want to be part of the movement for a More

Caring America”

Renee Hoagenson  - U.S. Representative -  Missouri’s 4th congressional district. 
“I want to be part of the movement for a More Caring America”
Issues: American Values, Health Care, Public Education, Campaign Finance Reform,

redistricting, Small Business 

Joseph Poor – Candidate for State Representative District 28
 “We must restore equity to our state. We must return the idea where our state and our

representatives and senators are elected to act in the interests of the working majority

instead of the wealthy minority.”

Claire McCaskill – U.S. Senate
Working to improve the lives of  every-day Missourians. Fighting for better healthcare, education,

jobs, combating opiod crisis, Veterans, agriculture, national security, and much more.

Nicole Galloway - MO State Auditor

Nicole is running for MO State Auditor: a position that she currently holds.

Joan Shores. Joan is running for MO 57 Legislative district.