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Summary of 2015, 2016, and 2017:

Club Organization:  Organizational meetings were held. We contacted previous members, put notices in the paper and continually updated our roster to reflect an increasing club membership.  A regular meeting schedule for the club was established. Bylaws were written and approved. We elected interim board members and officers. We established a club email account, as well as Facebook accounts. We also designed a website that would facilitate Democrats finding us when they search online. The website also serves to keep members informed of club activity.

Club Programs: Numerous county, state, and national candidates met with us to share their ideas and campaign information. We also had speakers who provided valuable information on various local concerns and Democratic issues.

Other Club Activities: We participated in local and state events such as Jubilee Days, the Missouri State Fair and Heritage Days. In addition, the club hosted the 4th Congressional District caucus where delegates were elected for the state caucus. The Congressional District caucus also served as a successful fundraiser for the club. The club adopted a section of Highway 65 in support of Missouri’s adopt a highway program for litter removal.

Election of Benton County Central Committee: The club was instrumental in identifying candidates for the Benton County Central Committee and assisted in their election in August 2016. The following individuals were elected for two-year terms: Catherine Gustafson-Williams Township; Carter Kinkead and Pat King-Lindsey Township; Connie Rogers-Tom Township and Don and Nicki Goers-Union Township.

Benton County Democratic Party 2017:

Club board members: Current board members are: Nicki Goers, Chair; Linda Lemon, Social media; Judy Schmutz, Treasurer; Betty Valeika, Secretary; Don Goers and Ron Heape. Their terms expire in December 2018.

Club Programs:

  • Houston Roberts, President of Young Democrats of Missouri, spoke about the political organizing and involvement  activities of the Young Democrats.  He also discussed recruiting and  involving young voters locally.
  • Brandon Alexander and Chrissy Peters from the MO Secretary of State’s office provided information on Missouri’s new Voter ID Law.
  • Stephen Webber MO Democratic Party, Chairman spoke about the direction of Missouri Democrats and it’s focus on our rural counties.  Their targeting 4 areas that have significant impact specifically on rural communities: agriculture, education, healthcare and infrastructure.
  • Renee Hoagenson, candidate for United States Representative in the 4th Congressional District of Missouri discussed her candidacy and her position on the issues facing our country and state.
  • Gerrymandering and It’s Impact on Democracy
  • JC Owsley and Wendy Abdulai, Missouri Democratic Party (MDP) state committee members (28th Senate District’s elected representatives on the MDP state committee) provided an update on MDP activities and plans going forward.
  • Al Skalicky, Democratic candidate for the Missouri 28th Senate District in the August special election, spoke on his background, the concerns he has regarding what is happening in Missouri and his focus should he be elected.
  • Drew Burdick spoke to the club about his candidacy for school board
  • At the April meeting, Winston Apple shared information on the Government by the People organization and it’s goal to get several initiatives on state ballots.

Other Club Activities:

  • Provided the location and supported the 1st Annual 4th Congressional District Picnic at Truman State Park.
  • Supported Pettis County Democrats in their St. Patrick’s Day Parade
  • Support the 125th MO Legislative District, 28th MO Senate District and the 4th MO Congressional District
  • Some members participated in a protest at Representative Hartzler’s office in Bolivar
  • Picked up trash in our adopted section of Highway 65
  • Members have taken advantage of opportunities to express concerns and ask questions at townhalls
  • Participated in Jubilee Days with a float in the parade and also staffed a Democratic information booth both Friday and Saturday.
  • Conducted a garage sale fundraiser
  • Staffed the Democratic Booth at the MO State Fair for a day
  • Some members participated in The People’s Protest in Springfield

Benton County Central Committee:

Officers: Nicki Goers, Chair; Don Goers, Vice Chair; John Parks, Treasurer and Judy Waggoner, Secretary


  • Committee member changes: elected additional members Angela Lindley from White Township and Denise and Wayne Parsons from Cole Township; and Connie Rogers of Tom Township resigned from the Committee.
  • Elected new secretary and treasurer
  • Finalized and approved Benton County Central Committee bylaws
  • Draft bylaws under committee review
  • Each committee member is using Voter Activation Network data to contact potential Democrats from his/her township


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