What Have Democrats Done for You?


  • Free School Lunch Program (Truman-1946)
  • Head Start Program (LBJ-1965)
  • Established the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education that provides Federal Funding for all Public schools (LBJ-1965)

Farm & Country

  • Rural Electrification Act that spread electric availability in the US from 11% of farms in 1934 to nearly 100% in 1952 (FDR -1939)
  • Federal Communications Commission made universal service of radio, television and eventually telephones the law of the land (FDR -1934)
  • Rural Telephone Act (Truman-1949)
  • Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act authorized USDA to lend money for housing, farm ground, and emergency crop failures in rural areas (Kennedy-1961)


  • Worker Compensation that pays workers injured on the job (Wilson-1916)
  • Civilian Conservation Corp provided millions of unemployed men of all colors jobs with wages during the Great Depression (FDR -1933)
  • Unemployment Compensation established with the Wagner-Peyser Act (FDR-1933)
  • Fair Labor Standards Act set minimum wages and maximum hours for Federal contracts and workers (FDR -1933)
  • Lilly Ledbetter Act, equal pay for equal work (Obama-2009)

Elderly Protections

  • Social Security Act insures an income to retired individuals, their widows and children (FDR-1939)
  • Medicare and Medicaid established to provide low cost or free health insurance to the elderly and, disabled, terminal patients, and millions of children each year (LBJ-1965)

Financial and Banking

  • Established the Federal Reserve Banking system that strengthened US banking practices (Wilson-1916)
  • Established Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation keeping deposited monies safe
  • (FDR-1933)
  • Federal Housing Administration helps millions of families achieve home ownership each year with Federally insured loans (FDR-1933)


  • Limited Test Ban Treaty signed by US, Britain, & Russia (JFK-1963)
  • Outlined the Clean Air/Water Act with direct governmental control of contaminates (JFK-1963 Bill signed into law 1970)
  • Created the Department of Energy (Carter-1977)
  • Installed 25 utility grade solar generators on public lands and set highest fuel use limits for passenger and commercial vehicles (2011-Obama)

Foreign Affairs

  • Freedom from Fear, Atlantic Charter ending WWII. Freedom from fear is listed as a fundamental human right according to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Four Freedoms were goals articulated by United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt on Monday, January 6, 1941. (FDR-1941)
  • Established the Peace Corp Internationally and VISTA domestically to foster community service (Kennedy-1963)
  • Panama Canal Treaty renegotiation and the Camp David Accord between Egypt and Israel (Carter-1979)

 Human Rights

  • Women's Suffrage (Wilson-1916)
  • Civil Rights Act (LBJ-1964)
  • Voting Rights Act (LBJ-1965)
  • National Voter Registration Act allows people renewing their driver license to register (Clinton-1993)
  • Violence Against Women Act funds investigation, provides sentencing guidelines, and victim recompense (Clinton- 1994)


  • GI Bill of Rights provided a comprehensive package of assistance for college, and vocational training for more than 10 million US servicemen after WWII. The package has been expanded several times to continue to assist veterans returning home from service. (FDR-1944)

Other Domestic Issues

  • Family and Medical Leave Act allows employees to take time off work to care for themselves or family members without losing their jobs (Clinton-1993)<>health insurance for all. (Obama-2010)


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